The Black Bird



          Kendra stood up with the biggest shock in her eyes, holding her cheek and hoping the slap won’t leave a scar. It was surprising how she was still not getting used to his abuses by now. Even after three years.

          Connor looked like death. The face of death would be better to behold but for three years, she had prayed to die.  And for three years her prayers had been ignored. She knew the benefits of prayer. Her parents raised her in the ways of God. But it was as if God was deliberately ignoring her prayers just to punish her for making a mistake. But she was losing her faith – her Christian faith – with every sting of pain inflicted on her every day and night by the heavy hands of her husband. She hadn’t even been to church in three solid years.

     Kendra braced herself for the next blow. “You slut! What were you doing with him? I leave you for a few seconds and you think you can turn to the next man available?” The way he painted her like a slut was unbelievable and alarming that she stared back at him with her mouth open and no words coming out to defend herself. And the truth there was that she had always been faithful to him. Kendra shook her head, her eyes wide with fear. “N-No, Connor. Its not like that. I–”

“Shut up!” She reared backwards as he advanced towards her again. His eyes red with rage. He hit her again and this time her  left eye felt the impact. And the same impact of his hands pushed her back, with her head hitting the floor. Kendra jumped up, ignoring the pain in her temple.

Oh God. Please take me now, I beg you.

“Connor, you got the wrong idea–”

“I got the wrong idea? I’m not daft, Kendra. I saw him smiling at you!”

“I wasn’t talking to him! I don’t know him, Connor! I’ve never seen him before. He was only asking for an empty seat beside me, I swear!”

Connor looked at her like she was invisible. “Did you just raise your voice at me?”

Oh boy. She shook her head again and then…

Whip! Whip! The sound of his belt landed on her back. How had he gotten the time to take it off?No time for reasoning, she reared back again.

“You dare raise your voice at me?”

“No, Connor. It was a mistake.”

“I’ll teach you how to make a reasonable mistake.”

Kendra did the only thing that came to mind. The one thing she had been doing that had not even been saving her.

      She ran. She ran up the stairs and discovered that she made the wrong choice. Her life was full of wrong choices after all. But Connor chased after her. He ran taking two steps at a time to catch up with her. She slammed the bathroom door after her, trying to lock it and hoping it locks before he get in there.

       Too late. The door pushed open, sending her straight to the floor. “You know how to lie, huh? What have I not given you, Kendra?! Everything! And you want another man?! How many times have I told you, I don’t want you talking to other men?!”

“We weren’t talking, Connor. Please!”


“Connor, I beg you please stop!”


“Slut!” He gave another lash. “You can never leave me! Understood?! There is only one way to leave this marriage and we both made that clear at the altar. Till death, Kendra!”  She screamed as if there were anybody capable of helping her.

         The maids were around but no one dared come close until the lashing ritual was over. They feared their master the same way she did. Maybe even more.

         Kendra bit on her lower lip to suppress the pain he was inflicting on her with the unhealed wound from three days ago. Connor dragged her by the hair into the bedroom, throwing her on the bed, he joined her, pinning her hands over her head. She knew what was to come next and she struggled. But he slapped her. She tasted blood.

“Please.” She sobbed, almost like a tiny plea. No one would hear her anyway.

“I’ll teach you how to keep your pussy to yourself. The next time you see a man, you’ll be disgusted.”

He spat and yanked her legs apart to drove into her dry opening. Kendra screamed and struggled but he kept thrusting in and out of her like a stallion.

An angry stallion. She was broken all over her. Her body, her soul and the space between her legs as he satisfied himself and rolled off her. His typical kind of person. Kendra had never been given the chance of enjoying the art of sexual intercourse. It didn’t take long before she heard the soft breath of Connor.

        She lay there unable to move. Even if she could stand up, the remaining pieces of her body and soul would not be able to stand up with her. She lay there, nursing her pain, staring at the ceiling as uncontrollable tears rolled down her cheeks.

The Black Bird

  “To love and to hold.” The priest said with the warmest smile she had ever seen.

          Kendra watched her friend, Aliyah repeat the same vows with her eyes mirroring the love she felt for her husband. As if she couldn’t live without him. Of course she had repeated this same vows at this same altar three years ago and had looked at her husband like this too.  Many people thought marriage was the best thing that could ever happen to a lady.

“To love and to hold.” The bride repeated after him, smiling at the man in front of her as if he were the most beautiful Angel sent from heaven to save her.

        Actually a lot of ladies dream to be married one day. But Kendra only hoped she had never been married at all.

        A warm and strong hand snaked around hers, holding her. She closed her eyes trying to find the comfort in that touch. It was warm, yet cold. She looked up at her husband.  He gave her the warmest smile ever and turned back to the couple.


         It was now the groom’s turn to say his part. With love in his eyes too. How had my husband said his vows? Oh, right. With the best look in his eyes that told me I was the only thing that gave him life and I had just found love as I had always dreamt to find love. Kendra couldn’t remember most of how she had grown to love this man but she still remembered the first day she met Connor, her husband.

        It had been in a wedding like this, she had attended as the Maid Of Honor for her cousin. He came up to her during the reception asking if the seat beside her was empty and she looked up only to find the most alluring eyes she had ever seen. She was beautiful, anyone could testify to that. And she knew she had charmed him, just as he charmed her. The chemistry just grew from there with how they were able to flow from one talk to the next like they had known each other for ages.  That was when she found out that he was a 27 years old owner of a pharmaceutical company he inherited from his father and he was single and seriously searching.


         Wedding bells rang immediately in her head at the sound of that, and she had fallen so deep for him, there was no going back.

         Kendra was the only child of her parents and she had always hoped to have the love her parents have. Connor came and swept her off her feet.

        But not for long.

       He told her, she was the only thing that gave him life but only a loon would beat up the one thing that gave him life. Her marriage had suddenly gone from magical to a complete nightmare. Why would she complain? Her friends and her family warned her to wait but in a space of one month, she was engaged and married.

       She looked up at her husband again as he smiled up at the wedded couple whom were now asked to kiss. Kendra smiled and clapped along with everyone else. She smiled but deep down all she wanted to do was walk up to them and tell them to snap out of it! She knew Aliyah would never let her hear enough of it for missing her engagement party.  Kendra had been the first to get the invitation card for both the engagement and the wedding since they had been friends from kindergarten, had attended the same school to the university together. Aliyah’s mother – may her soul rest in peace – was practically a second mother to Kendra. Their families have been so close since then.But she knew what had happened that night.As usual, Connor had one of those painted devils and had beaten her to a pulp. There was no way she could attend the engagement party looking like an over ripe tomato. She had simply stayed back.

        Connor wasn’t really a fan of Aliyah and her husband but the only reason he had decided to attend this wedding was because he didn’t want her talking to any man. Kendra laughed at her life. It was funny how a lot of people wanted to have just like her kind of marriage but they never knew what she had to put up with everyday from her husband.

        The drive to the reception hall was short and thankfully enough, it was quiet. She followed her husband like a zombie to find a seat. Of course she wouldn’t want to annoy the painted devils in him today. Few minutes later, Connor received a call and wanted to go to somewhere private and she was left alone.


“She’s the bride’s best friend.” Someone said from the right side of the table next to hers. Kendra didn’t need to turn to be reminded of the bitter expression Iyabo Yaro and her three single friends had on their faces whenever they saw her. Iyabo never hid the hatred she had for Kendra from the first day she saw her and why Aliyah would even care to invite Kendra’s neighbor to her wedding, was beyond her. Even though Iyabo was married to an Hausa Businessman and her three friends all had sugar Daddies who sponsored their bank accounts, they still felt like Kendra had everything she wanted just because she won’t entertain any invites they gave her from the first few months she stepped into Connor’s house as his wife.

         Kendra didn’t mind people talking about her behind. She was used to how they called her a proud snob who thinks no one could have what she had. The truth is, she would never wish her enemy what she had right now.

“She thinks she’s so high and mighty. Always flawless with all that expensive and heavy make-up.” Madam Kaffy said. “But shouldn’t she have taken the place of maid of honor?”


Hmph! With her proud and flawless attitude, I think she would die if she tried that. She’s a big snob who hates to mingle with people.”

Iyabo Yaro said again, and Kendra was so sure she must have shrugged her shoulders in disgust. “They said has no children and her husband still treats her like the Queen of Nottingham.” Kikelomo, the thirty five year old lady who owned a unisex salon few blocks away from Kendra’s, said in disgust. The woman wasn’t even married and Kendra had to shake her head as she was already immune to side talks coming from people who would be so quick to judge her, regardless of who and what she was.


          Of course, she had no children. Not that she didn’t want to have any but whatever she had done to achieve a faulty womb was beyond her. But the doctor had said she was unable to have children. They had tried for a year and when the doctor confirmed that she could never have children, all hope was lost. Connor never bothered about it. He kept his cool and never even talked of adopting. When she had brought it up, he bluntly refused.


           “She is pretty alright. But her husband is divine.”

If only you knew, she thought.

“Is this seat taken?” A bold voice said beside her. Kendra looked up and rolled her eyes.

What is it with men during weddings? She shook her head and kept sipping her wine. She was sure to make him know that she wasn’t interested in any after wedding conversation with anybody.The man took a seat beside her and she ignored him. But she could still check him out from the corner of her eyes.

And he was beyond the word fine! He was obviously rich and educated with how well dressed he was, busy with one of his two phones. Kendra cleared her throat and shifted on her seat as if the mere contact of him was causing an uproar of digestion in her stomach. Or was it his very expensive Cologne? She looked around to find Connor still on the phone, at a corner. She glanced at him and he did look familiar to her as if she had seen him somewhere before. Kendra wasn’t good with faces, especially since she started having a lot of marital issues to handle. Meeting people became the least of her problems.

He could be a popular figure, she thought. As Aliyah was a bit acquainted with few celebrities like Dakore and her brother at the far end of the room. IK Ogbonna who walked in few minutes after she did and the rest of them, whom Kendra couldn’t place their names.

      Then he looked up and smiled at her. “Hi.” He said. She ignored him again. “I’m Alexander Macaulay. Or you can call me Alex. Whichever suits you best.”

She sighed and shook her head, trying to look as serious as she always does. “I’m not in the mood.” She fired at him, hoping that would make him run for cover.

Nope. He laughed instead.

“You’re funny.” He said.

“I never really intended for it to be funny.” She said, shocked that he would laugh at something she had intended as a insult.

“Um…are you a friend to the bride or the groom?”

Really?! “Are you the receptionist?”

She said to him. Was he stupid to not know that she wasn’t in the mood to talk?

Again, he laughed. “No. I’m a friend to the groom. University mates actually.”

Kendra stared at him for a second, trying to place his face on a page through her memory lane and also wondering how he could easily wave off her rude replies. She couldn’t help but fix him in the range of men who would come to weddings to woo a lady into bed with him or those men who thought that weddings were for eligible bachelor’s who couldn’t find a suitable wife anywhere else. The same way Connor found you, a voice said in her head. She frowned and looked him down to his expensive Turkey shoes. “Great. And I’m married.”

The man looked at her as if he had just been slapped.

       Good. It was hard to tell that she had been married for three years with how young she still looked. She had the same stature as her father so it was easy and fun to see the shock on people’s faces when they asked her age and she simply told them the truth.

        Connor came back as soon as she said that and saw how Alex stared back at his wife and Kendra hoped he saw how she had been rude to him. “Come on. It won’t hurt to talk to me a bit. You seem like the harmless kind and I want to get to know you, married or not.”

Oh boy. She glanced at her husband and the man was giving her the daggers. She turned to Alex and glared at him. “I’m not interested in knowing you, Mister.” She snapped at him, hoping her husband would get the message she was trying to pass until this man. Connor cleared his throat and stood up, literally ordering her to get up so they could leave.

        Kendra jumped like a puppet and followed him without a backward glance at Alex. She didn’t even need to remind Connor that she hadn’t said goodbye to her friend yet.  One word and she’s dead. So she followed him to the car and sighed when he jerked the car out of the parking lot and sped up the highway. Kendra prayed for a traffic but no. Just when you needed it, the road was as free as the hallway to the morgue. If that’s where she was going, she would gladly do so, rather than being with Connor right now.

As soon as they arrived, he left her in the car, made her way straight to the living room. The house was big. Big enough to take in a lot of people. “Connor, what’s wrong?” She asked him, carefully watching him and begging her beating heart to calm itself. He had his back to her but when he turned, his hand hit her hard enough to send her flying to the floor . . .

To Be Continued . . .

Unapologetic Imaginator


He walked into the house like he owned the place. His smile, the one that must have captured Mama and
Priscilla’s hearts was well placed on his face. Mama dotes on him as if he were an incarnate of her 17-
year-old son who died 3 years ago. But, I’m still trying to decipher his mission here as both Mama and
Priscilla were in the hospital.
He must have noticed my uneasiness and tried to soothe it by pouring out his fear of losing Priscilla. I
tried to reason with him and calm his confused state of mind, encouraging him with words which I knew
I needed more.
He turned to me, staring like a little puppy as he revealed the vile thought, he wanted me to give in.
“I can’t control this feeling”, he said getting closer to me.
What Feeling? I thought as I still sat on this counselling chair as though it was my profession. I was still
confused as I tried to fathom his motives, my hands fighting to break free, fighting for defense.
My lips trembled as I tried to make him understand how wrong it was for me to lay with my sister’s
Fiancé. My supposed lectures must have roused the hidden monster in him, backfiring my attempts at
Did I do or say something wrong? Perhaps I must have- In my desperate need to save myself; triggering his
anger. I pleaded for mercy as I felt the stinging pains from my lips worsen; the aftermath of his voracious
and unhealthy attempt at kissing.
I tried to use the only weapons I knew, but he must have read my mind; pinning both of my arms with
one hand while the other tore at the thin material housing my pride.

Three long hours still feels like three minutes ago. I tried to squeeze my eyes shut, an attempt to push
the disturbing memory away. Hot tears which I could call the remnants of my stolen worth, rolled down
my cheeks.
What would people say? I asked myself. What will happen if Mama and Priscilla find out?
My fingers curled around the silver kitchen knife and without a second thought, I thrusted forward,
pushing as deep as I could.
I felt the warm liquid soak my shaky hands, my heart thumping in my chest as I inhaled all the oxygen
my lungs could take.
Darkness came, but not without the last image of him.
The smile of Lucifer.

Unapologetic Imaginator

Love At First Crush

So, I saw someone today.🤭

First of all, have you ever had a crush on someone as a teenager, even when you know you will never have him/her? Tell me about your first crush. How awkward was it when you realized that you have a crush? But I don’t know, is it crush or puppy love?🤔

The moment you find out that you are in love, nothing else matters. It’s like the whole world doesn’t exist when he/she is around. Ever felt like that before? You even start thinking about the designs of your wedding dress, the venue,kids an all. Stupid right? But, let’s not forget the absurd part: The part where you break up and it hurts so bad, but after few weeks you realize that your dirty words during texts and calls now seem embarrassing to you. That’s first love.

Now, let’s talk about first crush. How did it feel when you realized that you actually had a crush and it wasn’t love? That’s how I felt when I saw my first crush and HIS WIFE!! Ever been in that situation? How did you handle it?